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Catholic News Agency features Father Barron's article, "Cleansing of the Temple"

By Word on Fire

March 14, 2012:

Catholic News Agency
featured Father Barron's article, "Cleansing of the Temple:"

Artistic representations of the Ten Commandments often depict two stone tablets on which there are two tables of inscriptions.

This portrayal follows from a classical division of the commandments in which there are two specific categories—those that order humanity’s relationship with God and those that order human relationships with one another. If we consider the Bible as a totality, it becomes apparent that the Scriptures give priority to the first table, those commands dealing with God.

The Ten Commandments begin with an insistence that the Lord alone is God and there are to be no other gods besides him. This is not just a principle meant to order humanity’s expressions of ritualized worship, but a statement about the ethos of the entire moral and spiritual order. Whatever it is that humanity worships, be it the gods of the ancients or the allures of wealth, power, pleasure and honors, will by necessity give rise to our perceptions and practices concerning the moral life. The God or gods in whom we place our ultimate concern will direct our lives and determine our choices...

Read the article here.

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  • Aadresh

    I am writing this rvieew after watching only the first 3 episodes (hours): I ordered this DVD set on a whim, thinking that at the very least, it would show the beautiful places that I had visited on my various pilgrimages, and give a little history. I was delightfully surprised when Fr. Barron started teaching! Edifying! Not only are you drawn in by the beauty and wonder of the various places where Our Blessed Lord walked and taught, but the commentary and instruction of Fr. Barron is smart, and NOT fluff, it delves deep. Fr. Barron speaks as if he were talking to someone who is genuinely searching for the truth, which made this a refreshing bonus- after all, who isn't searching for Truth? My only regret is that I didn't order the study guides to go along with it. I've gone back and purchased 3 more sets already as gifts and plan to purchase a couple more for Christmas gifts as I believe this DVD set will definitely aid in enriching one's Catholic faith!

    3/24/2012 2:38 AM

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