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CatholicTV Monthly's February issue features full-length special on Father Barron and CATHOLICISM | 3/15/2012

March 15, 2012:

CatholicTV Monthly
's February issue features a full-length special on Father Barron and CATHOLICISM.

Read the story and view the photos here.

Catholic News Agency: Let's stop talking about evangelization and do it! | 3/7/2012

March 7, 2012:

Father Barron's article, "Let's stop talking about evangelization and do it!" was featured on the Catholic News Agency website. 

Read the article here.

Catholics Flock to CATHOLICISM Series in Parishes | 2/24/2012

February 23, 2012:

“Catholicism” is catching on.

The 10-part DVD series is being shown in parishes around the diocese and a group of prisoners, after seeing one episode, asked to see the entire series.

Read the article on Catholic Free Press.

Catholic News Agency runs Father Barron's defense of the new Missal | 11/23/2011

The Catholic News Agency ran Father Barron's piece titled "Why We Should Welcome the New Mass" in anticipation of the change on the first Sunday of Advent. Read the column here.

"CATHOLICISM is dynamite": Series premieres on Canada's Salt + Light Television | 11/20/2011

November 19, 2011: Canada's Salt + Light Television will premiere CATHOLICISM on Sunday, November 20, at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pm PT. The series will continue on Salt + Light every Sunday until the finale on Saturday, December 24.

Additionally, the Salt + Light blog offered a review of the series by contributor Cheridan Eygelaar.

Read the entire review here.

Patheos: Matt Emerson defends CATHOLICISM | 11/18/2011

November 18, 2011:'s Matt Emerson defends CATHOLICISM in the wake of some critiques made in a recent review.

See his column here.

"America, the National Catholic Weekly" reviews CATHOLICISM | 11/18/2011

November 21, 2011: The Catholic weekly publication "America" reviewed CATHOLICISM in its latest issue.
See the review on its web page here.  

Father Barron's review of "Ides of March" featured in Washington Post | 11/2/2011

November 1, 2011: The Washington Post's religion blog, "On Faith," featured Father Barron's review of the movie "Ides of March."

Read the review here.

EWTN Presents Father Robert Barron’s Epic Series ‘Catholicism’ | 11/1/2011

November 1, 2011: IRONDALE, AL - Now, get the rest of story as EWTN premieres the six episodes of this lavishly-produced series that public television didn’t! See “Catholicism” Wednesday, Nov. 16 through Saturday, Nov. 19. These six episodes have never before been seen on national television and will air exclusively on EWTN!

Read the press release here.

Andrew Sullivan's "The Daily Beast" features a Father Barron Commentary | 10/31/2011

October 31, 2011: Prominent blogger Andrew Sullivan posted Father Barron's commentary on Terrence Malick's "Tree of Life," calling it a "wonderfully sensitive and eloquent Catholic interpretation" of the film. See the video on Sullivan's blog, The Daily Beast, here.

The National Catholic Reporter features an article about CATHOLICISM on PBS | 10/26/2011

The National Catholic Reporter ran an article about CATHOLICISM's run on PBS stations nationwide.

"A new 10-part video series on the Catholic faith titled "Catholicism" began airing in October on about 70 public television stations around the country. It is the brainchild of Chicago priest Fr. Robert Barron, founder of "Word on Fire Ministries," a nonprofit media company located in Skokie, Ill.

Barron, a professor of theology at Mundelein Seminary, started the media ministry in 2000 to take his message to audiences who use the Internet and the new social media. His blog, Word on Fire, links visitors to his podcast sermons, cultural commentary, book and movie reviews in YouTube format. He is heard regularly on local radio and, from September 2010 to March 2011, had an early Sunday morning show on WGN superstation that was canceled because of lack of funds..."

Read the rest of the article here.

Catholic News Service: "‘Catholicism’ series airing on PBS is ‘visually splendid’" | 10/19/2011

October 15, 2011: The Catholic News Service featured a review of CATHOLICISM on their website, calling the series "a visually splendid and intellectually satisfying introduction to Catholic Christianity."

Read the review here.

Steven Greydanus of the CT Entertainment Blog reviews CATHOLICISM | 10/18/2011

October 18, 2011: Steven D. Greydanus, popular Christian film critic and moderator of, reviews CATHOLICISM for the Christianity Today Entertainment blog. Read his review here.

U.S. Catholic features a review of "Catholicism" | 10/17/2011

October 16, 2011: Catherine O'Connell-Cahill recently reviewed CATHOLICISM for the online publication of U.S. Catholic:

Read the article

"Priest's film aims to lift up Catholics"- CATHOLICISM featured in the Chicago Tribune | 10/13/2011

October 12, 2011: The Chicago Tribune's Manya Brachear reports on Father Barron's epic documentary project about the Catholic Church, CATHOLICISM.

Read the Chicago Tribune article here

James Davis of reviews CATHOLICISM | 10/9/2011

October 9, 2011: James Davis of offered his review of the CATHOLICISM series. 

Read it 

Finding Fr. Barron | 10/9/2011

Finding Father Robert Barron these days is an easy task. This is good news for those who love the Church, and good news for those on the outside wondering if they should step in, or even back in as the case may be. 

Read more here.

‘Catholicism’ project goes straight to the heart of the Church | 10/9/2011

Priest’s multimedia project illuminates richness of the Church’s teachings, art, architecture, worship and saints.  

Read entire review here.

The Cardinal Newman Society "Eagerly" Recommends CATHOLICISM | 10/9/2011

October 6, 2011: The Cardinal Newman Society, a Virginia-based organization seeking to strengthen Catholic higher education, praised CATHOLICISM on its blog. View the write-up here. The following is an excerpt of the blog post.

Chicago Sun-Times: Seeing is Believing on ‘Catholicism’ | 10/7/2011

October 6, 2011: The Chicago Sun-Times features Fr. Robert Barron and CATHOLICISM in "Seeing is Believing on 'Catholicism.'"

Read the article here.

"Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith" reviewed by Patheos Book Club | 10/7/2011

The Patheos Book Club, a roundtable discussion featuring a number of theologians, scholars, bloggers, and otherwise informed readers, has chosen Fr. Barron's recently released book, Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith for discussion and review. Read the reviews and join the conversation here.

Fr. Barron: "I want our story told, and that’s a reason I did this." | 9/26/2011

Tim Drake of National Catholic Register interviews Fr. Robert Barron of Word on Fire about  "The Catholicism Project":


How did you first come up with the idea for “The Catholicism Project”?

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE: "Catholicism, No Joke" | 9/26/2011

‘I’d like you to convert Chicago,” Fr. Robert Barron remembers his boss, Francis Cardinal George, archbishop of Chicago, telling him about six years ago.

The result may just be on a PBS station near you this fall.


"The Catholic Revolution Will Be Televised" | 9/24/2011

Classic, revolutionary -- like the Gospels themselves, and also game-changing reality TV.

"Father Barron's CATHOLICISM" | 9/24/2011

I wondered whether someone, somewhere, at some point, would do a “Civilization”-like series on Catholicism itself: a Grand Tour of the Catholic world that explored the Church as a culture through its teaching, its art, its music, its architecture—and above all, through the lives it shaped. That has now happened. The result is the most important media initiative in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States. 

"CATHOLICISM: A Course in Revolution" | 9/24/2011

Recently I posted the first of what are bound to be many, many posts raving about Catholicism; A Journey to the Heart of the Faith and urging you to purchase the book, read it and — you won’t be able to resist — give it to everyone you know.

Euanggelion: The Triumph of Fr. Barron's "Catholicism" | 8/3/2011

A comprehensive review of Fr. Barron's CATHOLICISM series was posted by Brad Miner on The Catholic Thing today. 

Fr. Barron "shows off" Catholic faith in 10-part documentary | 6/26/2011

The Catholic Post, website of the Archdiocese of Peoria, IL, featured an article about Father Barron and Word on fire entitled, "Fr. Barron 'shows off' Catholic faith in 10-part documentary series." 

Read the article 

Father Barron's review of Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life" featured on Chicago Tribune's "The Seeker" Blog. | 5/26/2011


The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia of First Things: "Dynamite that will turn the world..."  | 12/28/2010

Managing Editor of the Catholic Portal at Patheos and a columnist at First Things, Elizabeth Scalia talks of the project with others.

"Priest pioneers own website to talk about God": Father Barron featured on | 11/18/2010

Father Robert Barron is a well-known author and public speaker who has pioneered new efforts in the Catholic Church's outreach with a global media ministry: He's gained a worldwide audience through his website: 

Crain's Chicago Business: "The Rev. Robert Barron takes to TV, blogs, YouTube as a new-media Catholic priest" | 9/27/2010

The Rev. Robert Barron, a Chicago-based Roman Catholic priest, has made himself a new-media messenger for the church, bringing a Catholic perspective to topics from “Avatar” to atheism to the use of steroids in baseball.

Fr. Barron to launch nationally televised program in October | 9/13/2010

In a bold move to reach Catholics and those searching for Christ in their lives, Father Robert Barron begins broadcasting a weekly national television program on October 3rd. Belief Blog: "My Take: Why Christians Should Pray for Christopher Hitchens" | 7/13/2010

Father Robert Barron's article entitled, "My Take: Why Christians Should Pray for Christopher Hitchens," was featured on the Belief Blog

"Perhaps you’ve heard of Christopher Hitchens. He is a British writer and cultural commentator who lives and works in Washington, D.C. For decades now, he has been observing the political/societal scene and writing about it in a particularly insightful, witty and acerbic manner.

Word On Fire featured in Legatus Magazine | 3/1/2010

20 years into the New Evangelization
Legatus members have embraced the call to evangelize the culture . . . 
Pope John Paul II knew the power of culture, theater and the visual. From his days an actor, he knew these could be leveraged as powerful tools for spreading the Gospel.

UK's The Catholic Herald on Fr. Barron: "Happiness Comes from Self-Giving" | 8/2/2009

Fr Robert Barron is an unusual figure: he not only holds the Chair of Faith and Culture at the seminary at Mundelein, Illinois, but he is also a YouTube evangelist, a "post-liberal, post-conservative evangelical Catholic", as he says.

YouTube Heresies Article Featured in America | The National Catholic Weekly | 5/25/2009

Fr. Barron's Article Youtube Heresies, On today's virtual Areopagus will be featured in the May 25, 2009 issue of America | The National Catholic Weekly. 


Fr. Barron’s Angels and Demons review is featured in a post on the Ignatius Press Blog. | 5/18/2009

I believe in the existence of angels and demons, and I marvel at the mystery of the spiritual realm, of the hidden world of principalities and powers.

Priest wages war on 'dumbed-down' version of Catholicism -- From Our Sunday Visitor | 5/6/2009

Father Robert Barron's 10-part documentary aims to reveal power and truth of the faith using art, architecture, literature and music.


The Catholicism Project -- Posted on the Catholic Media Review | 5/2/2009

Anyone who reads about the Catholic Church in the mainstream media knows that we are in serious need of a public relations expert. God knows this, and He has a plan. 


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