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  • In the past few months I have felt very far away from the Lord and without notice over the past few years began to doubt the existence of God. After a series of Job-like events in the last 8 weeks including the loss of our home through a tornado, and the loss of our newborn son, (among other things), I had unknowingly given up on God. After a desperate day of near suicide thoughts I heard you speak on Catholic TV. I only ended up on the channel by mistake and caught the tail end of your teaching, but was so inspired I looked you up on youtube. I was astounded. You spoke with such simple logic and reason about the character of God, I began to rethink my own life and worth. I am crying as I write this because I am humbled by God's goodness and grace through Jesus Christ as you have explained. - Eternally Grateful
    - Jessica M., Denver, CO United States

  • This whole "Catholicism" project is such a boost. Let's pray that this will accomplish all that it sets out to do to show the world the rich beauty of Catholicism. The Splendour of Truth. May it kindle a consuming Fire that Jesus promised in Luke 12:49 - "I have come to light a fire on the earth."

    - Michael L., Frankfurt, Germany
  • Thank you for Word on Fire. May you be blessed one hundred fold in the great work you are doing in alerting and helping Catholics to appreciate the beauty and depth of the doctrines and teachings of Christ.
    - Avila B., Perth, Australia
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  • What does it take to give a good speech or a credible, rousing homily? Fr. Damian Ference looks back to Aristotle for the answer, and he offers examples of where that answer can be found today.
    Fr. Robert Barron's Word On Fire - Spirituality: Aristotle, Priests and the Art of Preaching
    Okay, yes, Aristotle was a pagan — but you can't blame the guy for living centuries before the birth of Christ. You can, however, give him credit for laying out the basics of a good speech. Basics, Father Damian Ference argues, that every good priest ought to keep in mind — and in practice.
  • Reality meets the image. Father Barron gave talks this weekend in Springfield Illinois. Standing room only!
  • Started Catholicism sessions in Exeter UK yesterday. It inspired much discussion and interest. Thanks to all involved in its production.
  • http://youtu.be/Yp315ND24to
    Love-Eros,Philos,Agape 11_4_12
    Join Fr. Scurti for the 31st Sunday in ordinary time. November 4, 2012 Readings for Mass First Reading: Deuteronomy 6:2-6 Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 18:2-3, ...
  • "Catholicism" Series starts Airing Today in the UK and Ireland!
    “Catholicism” Series Airing in Great Britain and Ireland on EWTN
    Father Robert Barron’s award winning series will be seen on the Eurobird and Hotbird satellites beginning today.