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  • The reason for my drifting away was that, while I was brought up on the Faith by my parents, I realised it was a child's faith that I tried to carry on into my adult life.
 My parents were no doubt good catechists, but this sadly wasn't enough.
I believe there are many like me in this country, and the Church is losing out. Just like in the US, the Faith is only being sustained because of immigration. I want to help change that.
    - Frolian D., Auckland, New Zealand
  • We, as Catholics, hold a precious treasure, but so few cradle Catholics know that, or even care. Not all of them, mind you. Those people who are Catholics, and who have grown stale in the faith (you know who you are) bear as much a responsibility as the Church does, in Catholic education. Please, come to know and to love your faith! Thank you, Father Barron, for that wake up call, to all Catholics!

    - Derek M., Ontario, Canada
  • I am a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Two days ago I found your YouTube response to the “neo-atheists” who (I’m paraphrasing) play atheists but aren’t serious or intellectually resonant in their arguments.
I was so impressed with your answer that since then my wife and I have been drawn back to your channel every chance we get to listen to more of your commentaries, both on theological and cultural events/ideas. I have sent all my Catholic friends and even some of my Mormon friends to your channel and website.
    - Michael G., Santa Cruz, CA United States
  • A blessing indeed and a wonderful source for creative dialogue and conversation.
    - Philip C., Toronto, Canada
  • The faith is a wonderful gift that I ignored chasing sex and alcohol 
for years as compensation for failure. I know that I have failed God in 
the past, but each day I'll try. Failure in work and in nearly all 
relationships outside my family have motivated me to finding the truth.
    - John C., Dublin, Ireland
Armageddon will not be fought in Megiddo. It will be fought in our hearts and minds and the weapons will be our words and ideas. It already started, and if we are true believers, we can't refuse to fight.
    - DeJesus J., San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • In the past few months I have felt very far away from the Lord and without notice over the past few years began to doubt the existence of God. After a series of Job-like events in the last 8 weeks including the loss of our home through a tornado, and the loss of our newborn son, (among other things), I had unknowingly given up on God. After a desperate day of near suicide thoughts I heard you speak on Catholic TV. I only ended up on the channel by mistake and caught the tail end of your teaching, but was so inspired I looked you up on youtube. I was astounded. You spoke with such simple logic and reason about the character of God, I began to rethink my own life and worth. I am crying as I write this because I am humbled by God's goodness and grace through Jesus Christ as you have explained. - Eternally Grateful
    - Jessica M., Denver, CO United States

  • This whole "Catholicism" project is such a boost. Let's pray that this will accomplish all that it sets out to do to show the world the rich beauty of Catholicism. The Splendour of Truth. May it kindle a consuming Fire that Jesus promised in Luke 12:49 - "I have come to light a fire on the earth."

    - Michael L., Frankfurt, Germany
  • Thank you for Word on Fire. May you be blessed one hundred fold in the great work you are doing in alerting and helping Catholics to appreciate the beauty and depth of the doctrines and teachings of Christ.
    - Avila B., Perth, Australia
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