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  • As a young boy growing up in a small farming community in Indiana I always seemed to be attracted to the symbols of the Catholic faith; the vestments, incense, the music and rosary without really knowing anything at all about Catholicism. I've never been a church goer, never was baptized but did 'pray' occasionally when I felt I personally needed something. I'm an administrator and program director at Purdue University in Indiana and the summer of 2010 one of my undergraduates said something to me one day about her faith. It had to do with her no longer searching as she had found it. I wrote it on a Post-it note and put it over my desk. Every time I turned around from the computer it was there reminding me of something far deeper than I could fathom. She had mentioned where she attended Mass so I found the church website and read about the staff and priest. Feeling as if something was guiding me, I sent a simple message: "I only wanted three things in life; to marry my high school sweetheart, graduate from Purdue and have a son. I have that but am looking for peace of mind." Thinking my message would be among those discarded I soon forgot about it and plunged back into work. Later that afternoon Fr. Buckles called to talk about my message and invite me to RCIA. Well, not having attended church I had to ask what that stood for. With some trepidation I went to the first class. I arrived early so I could see those attending and decide if this was for me or not. I noticed a small grotto set back and walked to see what it contained. Peacefully removed from the larger grounds of the church it contained simple landscaping around a statue of Mary with a water sculpture. I sat down and finally prayed for guidance. It was during my prayer that I heard the words, "Listen to Me." I can't put into words what it was like walking into Blessed Sacrament and hearing some beautiful music playing and being greeted so warmly by people I had never met. I soon was devouring the readings and bombarding Fr. Buckles with question after question during RCIA classes. Finally we were able to attend the Mass and that in itself began to confirm this was the right path. Finally on Easter Vigil weekend I accepted Christ into my life, was baptized and received communion. It has taken me 66 years to do this and my life has changed in so many ways. I've found peace of mind, of spirit and every single day thank God for having faith in me and providing me with so many blessings.
    - David T., West Lafayette, IN United States
  • I was born and raised in the Catholic Church. I attended a Catholic grade school where my faith stayed with me. I was able to teach A CCD class for 5 years at my local Parish. It inspired me to go back school and become a Teacher. After completing a Master's Program I applied for a teaching position in Hawaii through the Catholic Church there. I was interviewed over the phone and was hired. I was so excited to be teaching in Paradise until I witnessed physical abuse on children. Being a mandated reporter I reported it and found out there's a law in Hawaii that says you can use Physical Force. Coming from Washington State where it's against the law it left me traumatized by what I saw. I had to help those children and report it farther. It has been hard for me both emotionally and spiritually. No one told me that it's the Hawaiian cultural. I"m slowly trying to heal.
    - Kathleen M., Lakewood, WA United States
  • I am so grateful for this beautiful, learned and amazing series. When Father Baron pointed to the Gruenwald Crucifixion and said..." this is a picture of a happy man"... I had an experience of having my mind blown open in a wonderful way. I saw and understood things I had never understood before. It was like having a wind clear my head. I know so much more about the mystery of the Incarnation than I did before I watched this episode. I am more in love with Christ than ever before. Thank you Father Baron.
    - Virginia D., Silver Spring, MD United States
  • I was born into a Catholic family and went to Catholic school until my parents divorced in 1998, when I was 12. After that there was a spiritual breakdown in my family. My parents basically stopped practicing and let me transfer to public school. I remember going to see The Passion of The Christ, my senior year of high school by myself. It had a profound effect on me and I cried in my room when I got back home. I started going to church again and fell in love with the faith. Shortly after high school I joined the Army and carried a rosary with me through 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan. I recently left the military and my faith has grown deeper and deeper in the past year. Catholicism has given me a peace that so many of my fellow veterans long for. I struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but at the same time I am always comforted by Jesus and the knowledge that our Blessed Mother is praying for me. Peace be with all of you!
    - Brett P., Chicago, IL United States
  • I came from a very religious Lutheran family. My great-grandfather was one of the founders of the Lutheran church in my town, Consequently when I became a Catholic, it was the scandal of the entire community. Raising my family in this same community my sibblings didn't have much to do with me; my children didn't get to know their cousins well. My new in-laws was disappointed I was Swedish, my father in-law never let me forget that part of my story. The Catholic Church at that time was cold and indifferent at that time in 1959. But I knew my faith, and nothing was going to take that trust from me; not even a church that didn't see you. But I forged on, became an active Catholic becoming a CCD teacher and a Council of Catholic Women president of the parish, deanery and eventually the diocese. I enjoyed the new friends when I had these positions, but as soon as I did not have a position, I was ignored and invisible again. I would ask the Lord what to do about this culture that was for foreign to me. Bloom where you are planted was the reply. So I began talking and talking, let's build community, we are friends, we are family. All was met with agreement but how to live it out? Most of my stoic Catholics didn't know how to be social within the church walls. Time and energy continued and progress continued, slowly very slowly. Today, the very same parish I began to live and work in is so much more friendly, warm and welcoming. Many are the same people, many are new. The atmosphere is more relaxed and comfortable; people are accepted. Folks join the parish just because they can see we love and respect each other. No, we don't have all our problems solved, but we can talk about them openly without being so guarded and worried about huring someones feelings. As for me, my faith has grown; I know now the fulness of the faith. I would never be anything other than a Catholic. I am grateful I converted; I am grateful for the struggle. My family totally respect me now and my father in-law became a wonderful friend. Praise God from whom all good things flow.
    - Janice C., Dassel, MN United States
  • The DVD on Mary was outstanding. I viewed it with a group of Anglicans that will be coming to the Roman Catholic church this coming year. Blessed John Henry Newman society of Placentia, California they were thrilled with the information the music and the beauty. Thank you so much. Father for producing a video with so much information done in such a beautiful format truly describing God's great love and mercy for his people. Also, the women of San Antonio church in Anaheim Hills purchased the DVDs for use during the next Bible study starting in January. Many of them saw a glimpse of it on PBS. Sister Carol Therese n/SSC
    - Sr Carol Therese n /SSC G., Chino Hills, CA United States
  • My story is one that is complicated, yet simplistic in many manners. I guess I could say I grew up as a protestant, but I would argue against such an idea or a description of my early "christian" lifestyle as it does not really give any real meaning to that which I learned. My grandmother Cook and my Grandpa Powers were two hard charging followers of Christ. My Grandpa was a Protestant Minister, Holiness, and my Grandmother was a member of the local Holiness church where she lived. I grew up somewhere in the middle but my fascination with Christ started early on. There was a picture that hung in the back of the church that I went to that I would stare at the entire service, it was like it was speaking to me and even now I see it as a sign of God's presence in my early life. When my parents divorced at age 9 and my grandmother passing during the process, I was crushed and yet I would still pray and ask Christ to help me get through the pain that I experienced through such a horrible divorce. My retreat came to video games, and later on violence in school, smoking, doing drugs, yet I was never caught. My sister went through the same things, just I was better at getting away with it. When I moved to Florida in 2002, I was able to make a new start, and decided I didn't want to be apart of that any more. In 2003, when I started High School, I started off in the JROTC program. I had a longing for the military and still do to this day, and my relationship with God was stagnant. I met a kid named David Iavarone, he was my very best friend in High School and he was a hard charging Christian and since I wanted what made him better than me as a Leader I came back to following after Christ, "saved" in the protestant church. From Junior Year in High School I started preaching, getting into the word and living it. When I arrived in college in 2007, I was very much surprised at there being a Chaplains Corps here at the school. I go to a Senior Military College, so naturally I was thinking of commissioning in the Military. God taught me many things in the First year, but it wasn't until Morocco that my life changed. In Morocco, I learned of the Muslims, and how devoted they are to Allah, and I decided if Jesus Christ, the Savior of Men died for me, he deserved just as much attention. I spent a month of my studies for school, Intense Prayer through Meditation on the biblical mysteries and Fasting once a week. At the end of my month, I was sitting in prayer one day when I felt this small voice say "Meet me at the Church". Not hard when there's only the Catholic Church in the city so, I went. As I entered the Church I was placed in awe at the beauty of the Church, yet I would not have time to enjoy my scenery as when I began to close the door, the air in the church became thick it became hard to breath, I remembered my sins of my past, coming back before me. I remember walking slowly up to the crucifix (didn't know about the the tabernacle at this time), looking up at it and falling hardly on my knees as I gave myself to the Lord of the Universe. My eyes closed I could feel a strange warmth and peace come over my soul, and a blinding light come before me that set my soul to fear, yet I was still in peace. I will always remember the words I heard, so softly whispered to me that echo the words of Matthew 28. "All power has been given to me from the Father in Heaven, Go forth and Baptize in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and make disciples of nations." To this day when I read that passage the remembrance of the experience in the church is there. It passed away and I was left again cold in the church and darkness. I left that day with a new light, with a new love, with a new feeling. Since then, my mind is constantly in the Heavenly places and I desire God so much. Shortly after, the Lord showed me the Catholic Church, I was afraid and I didn't take the step and I said I wasn't going to. Until Jul 2010. In Jul 2010, I was sent to Warrior Forge, Ft. Lewis, WA for my pre-commissioning test. It was suppose to be a month long, but I came back in 3 weeks. While I was there I managed to get 2 ulcers in my small intestine, they bled out 5 pints of blood and I nearly died. All I remember is that for three days of military training I pushed on like that, all I could think of was "If Christ can carry his Cross, I can carry this rucksack." I pushed forward and I wouldn't stop. When I was Medically Dismissed, I decided it was time to stop running and I entered into the Church last Easter. Now I'm Discerning the Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The church is so beautiful to me and I if I don't become a Priest I want to be a Church Theologian, one of the reasons why I enjoy Fr. Barron's movie so much. How will this end, I don't know but I thank God that he has brought me to the Catholic Faith and that he has allowed me to love him in such a beautiful way together with Christ and Mary, our most Beautiful Mother.
    - Adam C., Dahlonega, GA United States
  • Born and raised as a Catholic - attended parochial school for 8 years. I remember so succinctly, the moment when I realized what a deep faith I'd been given - at my First Communion. Since then, it has continued to grow, I'm still Catholic and this series is fabulous! I hope to share it wtih family to start. Also, I don't believe in coincidence but do believe in Godincedence - nothing is by chance in this world. Kudos to Father Barron. Gentle, kind and a true teacher - he will continue to help spread the Word in a marvelous way. In addition, after seeing some of the episodes on EWTN - had to buy the DVD set.
    - Mary Lee R., Madison, WI United States
  • I am a cradle Catholic. I thank God for my mother who brought me up in the Catholic faith. I attended Catholic school.I know God existed and prayed always to God made my novenas. Went to mass every sunday and special feast days. As a young girl I was a member of the Church choir, the Legion of Mary and the Catholic Youth Organization.
    As I migrated to America I continued to attend Sunday mass and try to be a good Catholic. I felt that something was still missing in my life and relationship to God. I was searching and I found the Legion of Mary and the Catholic Charismatic renewal and I joined both organizations there I build up a deeper knowledge of my Catholic faith and relationship with God. I don't just know about God I do know that God is present in my life, He never leaves nor forsake me. Knowing the origin of the Catholic Church I am very happy and blessed to be Catholic, a member of the only One True Catholic and Apostolic Church there is no other church I want to be part of. Now I attend daily mass and receive Jesus body and blood. When I miss daily mass my day is not the same.
    When I travel anywhere I first find a Catholic Church sometimes I am the only back person in the church but it does not matter to me because there is no place I rather be than in the presents of Jesus through His birth, death and resurrection and able receive Him. What an honor, blessing, joy and love.
    I often wonder where are the black Catholics on Television the black youths of today are leaving the church because they see no potential growth for them. when they look at television EWTN they see no one to relate too. They move on to these other churches where they are welcomed and assisted in the areas they are seeking. These youths do not understand their faith and are not given the opportunity to gain knowledge as I did. As Catholic Christians and people of this great Church founded by Jesus Christ. We need to live by the word of God, follow the bible and do as Jesus did and asks us to do, evangelize everyone we meet we are all one made in the image and likeness of God, we ought to find ways to keep our black youth in the Catholic Church.
    May God bless us all as we work together toward salvation for us all.
    - Gloria D., Brooklyn, NY United States
  • I am 48, and a “Cradle Catholic.” Even as a young boy I was always eager to learn about what Catholics believe, so I read the catechism on my own, as well as with the help of my mother. As I grew up, what compelled me to seek out even more was the realization that every doctrine is tightly woven with the others: remove one and everything will eventually fail to make sense. To me it seems like proof that Sacred Tradition is indeed infallible which consequently drives me to continually grow in faith with an eagerness to learn more.

    Unfortunately, knowing and living the Faith are two different things. Despite growing up in a very religious home, my busy and distracting work and social schedules molded me into someone who observed only the minimum requirements (like mass on Sundays.) In fact when I was called to assist in mass I’d do it grudgingly.

    I am fortunate that today I am more prayerful: I am filled with joy attending Eucharistic adoration, and I lector in mass every Sunday – and this time loving it. I cannot remember the exact turning point, but when I meditate on the matter, I remember that I used to say a prayer in front of Our Lady all those years. I really didn’t understand what I was saying, but I was moved to say it. The prayer was, “Mother, keep me always close to your Son, especially in the Most Holy Eucharist.” I am not sure how or when my heart opened up, but the one thing I am sure of is that it is Our Lady who keeps drawing me near her Son.

    Last month while I was praying in front of the Holy Eucharist, I remembered my spiritual adviser who kept pressing me to pray and find out what God wants of me. I think I was always afraid to ask, so I didn’t until this time. I said, “Lord, what project do you want me to do for you.” It wasn’t long before I got this image in my head of people sitting around a television screen. I said, “Lord, I don’t understand. Help me understand.” A week later I stumbled, much by accident, the Catholicism series of Fr. Barron, and I knew this was it. It all fit in well with my background of knowing basic doctrine, being a teacher, and this image of people in front of a television. I have ordered the Leader’s Kit and early next year I hope to start a Foundational program for college students and an Intensive or Streamline program for adults. I still don’t know where I will get the money for the Study Guides & Workbooks and once again I am asking Our Lady to help me with this. I trust she will do whatever is best.

    - Joby P., Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Growing up my parents and I attended an old, beautiful stone Methodist Church. There I learned about Jesus and things appropriate for a preschooler and 1st grader. The city tore down the historic church and melded the congregation to another Methodist group. My mother hated it and so we quite going. I never stopped believing in God. He kept putting Catholics in my path. No major discussion but having a very anti Catholic background I dared not ask. In 67 I met my best friend. (I am now almost 61 and we are still close friends). She attracted me immediately. She stood out. She crossed herself before lunch - she didn't eat any meat on Fridays. She was my shining example of a Catholic. Her faith was genuine not superficial.She came from a family of 12 kids, herself the youngest. I had never heard of such a thing. One day on our way to the bustop to go home I got up the nerve to ask her why she was so reverent and prayful. She told me she was a Catholic and I thought (OH NO - not one of those). But I invited her to my house after school the next day. There I put her through probably the worse inquisition ever. I made her write down all the Catholic prayers she knew. I asked her so many questions and she knew the answer!. A 15 year old girl.. I wanted to go to her church one Sunday and begged and begged my Mom to let me go. Of course all mom knew were the old fasehoods that had been told. My paternal grandmother used to tell me all Catholics had horns under their hair to show they were of the devil. I was bombarded with anti Catholic literature. Mom finallly relented and let me spend the night at her house. She taught me the rosary and I was up half the night with butterflies. Well we walked into St. Stephens Catholic Church in Portland Oregon. I immediately knew something was different. Jesus was THERE in a way I never knew He could be. (At the time I didn't know about the Eucharist but my friend told me I could do everything she did except take Communion. I remember kneeling down for the first time and I heard in my heart "This is home". I remember I said "Lord, this is YOUR CHURCH". There was no stopping me now. My Mom was a bit discouraged. It was like having a leper in the family. Well, she decided to attend inquiry classes with me just to be sure they weren't teaching me to worship idols or other awful things. I was baptised June 13, 1968. Mom was received into the Church the following year. My Dad was a staunch Lutheran but went along with the blessing of the marriage to make Mom happy. I married in 1974 to a non Catholic who I prayed for for 25 years or so and he is now a Catholic. We have three children. My sons have unfortuntly left the faith but my daughter is a strong Catholic. I received the best gift of all on that June day. Entrance into the Mystical Body of Christ. I love the Blessed Mother more and more all the time. I read alot and the more I know the more I realize I don't know enough. I will never be able to thank God enough for the grace of faith and I sin and fall and pick myself up, go to confession and continue to grow in holiness. I am disabled now and I thank God for that opportunity to suffer for Him and with Him. I hurt so bad somedays all I can do is praise Him for the gift of sharing a bit of His sufferings with this sinner. I love my Catholic faith more and more.May Our dear Lord and His Holy Mother bless you in this wonderful endeavor to make Him and His Church known. In Christ, Linda Fowler
    - Linda F., Rock Hill, SC United States
  • Why is this wonderful series not being shown in California. This State is in such a miserable state that it really needs God's help.
    - Chuck K., Carlsbad, CA United States
  • I sought confirmation as soon as I got my driver's license. My parents had brought me as far as my first Holy Communion, before my father became unwilling to return to church following an incident with a priest. I had the shining example of a family I met, of their constant and steady faith, unwavering devotion to the rosary and sacraments, and a home that was a true domestic church, filled with all sorts of sacramentals which fueled my young spark, keeping it alive. I had the grace of baptism and Holy Communion to sustain me, and Confirmation, outside of my parents direct guidance, was even more meaningful. I am now a mother of 12 beautiful children and I have learned that my fidelity to my faith is tested constantly in this world, and I must make an act of the will to remain steadfast when so many attacks seem to darken the reality. The Catholicism series is a bold, necessary reminder for all of us to hold fast to the history and tradition founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, despite what the world may say. I am a soldier in the Church Militant and I pray that all of us, as members of the Mystical Body, will be inspired and charged with real desire to share our faith and what makes us who we are, with our brothers and sisters all around us, proudly. People ask me all the time....How do you do it? How do you raise 12 children? By the grace of God and through the strength I receive from His holy Church....and in the hope that I have been given souls to mold who will follow the call to change to world into the vision Jesus has for it. A big job! Thank you for providing such inspiration!
    - Amy W., Fredericksburg, VA United States
  • I was raised as a protestant, more specifically Baptist. My family had always went to church for as long as I could remember, and I had always felt a strong compelling for God; however, that compelling for God was paired with a deep struggle with sin. I kept a feeling of constantly clawing at the walls of the hole I was in and never being able to climb out Even when I felt I was doing well and was feeling close to God, I was still found wanting. A few weeks before I turned 19, I found myself in a spiritual low and while I was there I found myself studying the Rosary, which seemed crazy to me because I was raised in a background that caused me to be terrified of the Catholic Church. Within days I was praying the Rosary and one year of crazy ups and downs later, by the Grace of the Holy Trinity and the prayers of Our Lady, I was confirmed as a Catholic! I don't despise my protestant background, but nothing can offer what the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church has to offer. Now, less than a year after my conversion, I have two friends in RCIA! Thanks be to God for his amazing work.
    - Josh B., Monticello, KY United States
  • I was totally unchurched as a child. As a 40 year old I began a search that eventually landed me in the Catholic Church. I was always a great skeptic, often scoffing at those who embraced faith in God. However, the question of "Why is there something rather than Nothing" always haunted me. I began reading Sufi mystics and other books from eastern religion. One day it seemed strange to me that I had not spent that kind of time on Christianity. I believe that avoided Christianity because my friends , all in the sciences, belittled Christians, thinking them naive and perhaps even less than bright. I began reading Merton, C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, a bit of Aquinas and finally the Church Fathers. Before me was brilliance that I had never known in other literature. Augustine struck me as the best "psychologist" I could read.
    I ended up in the Episcopal Church, to which I am sincerely grateful. However, I read myself into the Catholic Church, of course with the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is a depth, piety and power in the Church that is indescribable. The greatest gift is God's peace which can transform any life, even mine. I hope people will seriously seek what they are missing, as only God can satisfy. If God is real and is at the center of our very being, and gives us our very breath, then how can we do anything less than give him our all.
    - Lynn P., new orleans, LA United States
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