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  • I was born and raised Catholic, but for around 10 yrs did not attend mass. It wasnt until my oldest of 4 told me he wanted to go to church and didnt feel like we were good Catholics(he was about to recieve his 1st holy commuinion) that we started attending...I now teach religous ed to 6th graders and feel my faith has deepened....God Bless! THanks be to God!
    - Rita G., chicago, IL United States
  • Blessed be God for His gift of the Church and the New Evangelism thru this Series. The four part series aired in our area today and we taped it... I was not a Christian when we married and the journey to God in Christ began with this longing in me that came from nowhere. The journey led me to joy, to faith, to conversion, to church and finally in 1998 to the Catholic Church... But this show opened beautiful eyes and I am filled to the brim. We watched all four hours in one sitting... This series is so prayerfully, gracefully done that I jump for joy just knowing that many hearts and minds will be reached. I think of the beautiful message of Christ and the Church in this series for our youth - the comfirmands! I burst with you in this fine work and just know that seeds will be blown around the globe with it. God bless you all.

    - Anonymous ., ,
  • Our parish has an intergenerational approach to faith formation with a different topic focus every year. This year we decided on the Creed. We were so excited to find that the Catholicism Project videos are an excellent resource for our adult component. They have been received with rave reviews. Thank you so much for making this resource available to so many.
    - Maureen P., Kansas City, MO United States
  • I was raised In the RLDS church, and fell away in my teen years. God seemed to be calling me back to church, but which one? I went to a southern Baptist, not for me. Went to Christ Church Unity. Not for me neither. Then in my line of work, I was sent to take care of a client who was a Catholic. Through her actions and how she and her husband of more than 50 years treated each other, I thought that there might be more to the story. I was invited to Ash Wednesday. And when I recieved ashes, I knen then I was to become Catholic. The Lord took all my pent up anger, hostility, and bitterness toward others right out of me. I could feel the Holy Spirit working in me. I have since been confirmed in the church, and my husband will be baptised at Easter. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. I feel in love and I am in love with the Catholic church and faith.
    - Rachael W., Hamilton, MO United States
  • I was baptized Catholic but my raising was not. It wasn't until post-confirmation I had really began to explore the surface of our faith. Before that during a confirmation class God asked me to give my life for his priesthood and I ran from that idea.

    One day a friend showed me the DVD about Conversion and it called to me and told me to change my life and the direction I was taking it and I did. Now I am a postulant in a religious order and next year I will be taking my habit. I have found happiness in the service of God but I can say it was because of the Word on Fire program.

    Keep the program strong and I have seen two episode of CATHOLICISM and I can say that I only wish I had my copy. God bless and I thank you for your service to the world.
    - Jonathan F., San Diego, CA United States
  • Born the 5th of 10 in 1957, I was raised in a very traditional Catholic home. I was an altar boy at first asking and liked serving Mass. At one time it was a boyhood dream to become a priest. Suddenly my life changed so fast and so terribly wrong in just a few short years and the result was for me to abandon God and the church for 40 long years. My father walked out on our family when I was 12. My dear mother could not control me, so I was sent to live with her sister and their family in Houston at the age of 14. Upon arriving home the following June, I was introduced to alcohol. From there my life spiraled downward, stealing, vandalism, drugs, skipping school, all of it. I barely graduated and went on to live an aimless life. Surely I was alcoholic and sooner or later my drinking would catch up with me, and it did. By 1996 is was in a mental institution for repeated suicide attempts. This started 14 years of being in or out of recovery, mostly out. In April of 2010 the walls was closing in yet again, I was suffering, I wanted to die, I was alone, and God was no where to be found. I got a hold of one man who I hoped might help me, he agreed to come over. I went into an alcoholic blackout shortly after his arrival, the next thing I remember is waking up, back in the same mental intitution I had been 3 previous times. I felt defeated, I was desparate, I knew I needed help, a lot of help. I walked out of that intitution on April 21, 2010 and have not had the need to take a drink since. In the process of sobering up, cleaning away the wreckage from my past I started to have a relationship with God again, just baby steps, but that was ok. I understood that it was God keeping me sober which was all I needed for a beginning. then providence intervened, I started to meet other Catholics in recovery, we had many conversations over coffee about various aspects of Catholicism when suddenly I started to understand that I could back to religion of my childhood. Within a month of these discussions taking place, I was referred to a pastor, called him up and was in his office doing confession, 3 total over 2 weeks.

    Today I go to Mass every sunday, during the week when possible, I go to confession on a monthly basis, I read books all the time, but my most favorite is The Bible. Scripture is very important to me, learning from Jesus Christ has brought me much freedom, joy and forgiviness. I really could go on for hours about my return to Catholicism, but trust me when I say, it has been the most important and most beneficial decision I have made in my entire life.

    God Bless
    - Gary N., Florence, KY United States
  • My mother was paralyzed sevnteen (17) years ago. Now she is very old woman.
    But she prays daily, the gospel and holyhour.
    So i think its a wonderful gift of the lord jesus.
    - Iven P., Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka
  • Raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school and knew it in my head.

    When I was 18, during my senior year, at a retreat, I Found out Jesus loved me. I didn't just learn it, I experienced it. I dropped my friends, started to pray, and got involved with youth group. I started to realize that God wanted total surrender.

    Later events led to great suffering, and I didn't understand it for a long time. I realized that God loved me so much that He wanted to draw me closer to Himself, and the suffering was there so that I could learn to rely on Him. Though I was confused, I lived a life of the Sacraments and prayer and really did try to follow God.

    During the later college years, I came to struggle with scruples and depression. So I basically gave up, and lived to fulfill my selfish pleasures. On the inside, I was a total wreck, and was always thinking about coming back.

    One late night, I got inspired by a movie that really highlighted the beauty of forgiveness, and decided I was going to go to confession. The priest was compassionate and welcoming.

    However, the scruples are still here, and I'm still struggling. I know it's time to let God in and put the pieces where they go. Say some prayers for me.

    - Paul M., Dallas, TX United States
  • Being born and raised catholic was a wonderful thing, but my journey now is even deeper in both love and meaning. I was diagnosed w/cancer in Jan 2011, and now facing death, I am so very blessed having this faith instilled within me.
    - Bill K., Cabot, AR United States
  • When I was in primary school, we were shown the crucifixion scene from the epic film 'Jesus of Nazareth'. From then on, I had a phobia of depictions of the Crucified Christ.

    During university study, I became seriously ill and approached a welfare tutor: a Presbyterian named Elisabeth. Her specialism is female medieval mystics and medieval drama. She put on a set of Nativity and Passion plays. I was determined to get involved despite being so ill and had a religious experience during the Nativity plays, whilst holding Elisabeth in my arms during a scene in which I played the virtue Pax.

    I wanted to do the Passion plays too but fear of the Crucified Christ taunted me. Yet I heard God speak to me and ask me to look after Elisabeth for Him, within the context of the plays.

    Through this experience God healed me and brought me back to Him. When I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary what had happened during the religious experience in December, She showed me how She had petitioned God to give me the mother figure I so longed for.

    God is good and gracious indeed. I love the Church :)
    - Shanika R., London, United Kingdom
  • I'm half way through the book, and I think it should have come with a seat belt, airbag and crash helmet. Seriously world-rocking, and I've been a Catholic all my life!
    - Tina B., Skokie, IL United States
  • I was raised catholic, 1of 7. We went to church dutifully every week (There wasn't a choice in this). Sometime around the age of 14, I realized that the Gospel I had heard made sense. What else made sense? I'm still learning this. I am now 48. Tonight I will begin with our team, our parishes RCIA program for Easter 2012. For me it's been since '97. I will be telling the Inquirer's my story, and we will be telling them our story, and I will tell them that this story is going to become theirs and that it doesn't have an ending
    - Stan S., Ajax, Ontario, Canada
  • I belong to the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, Philippines or OP-Siena, Philippines. I'm so grateful to you!
    - Sr. Fedelyn N. B., Naga City, Philippines
  • I am a cradle Catholic with a degree in Theology. 17 years ago a friend invited me to her protestant church. I stayed there for 14 years absorbing and loving their teachings on the Word of God. I also continued my involvement with my parish church, but on a limited basis. Three years ago the Holy Spirit "air lifted" me back to my parish based on John 6:53-57. Being back with the Eucharist on a regular basis has brought the complete joy to my heart and soul that I have been searching for all my life. Nothing could ever take me away again.

    Thank you so much for your dedication to our church. I pray that the Lord will bring many more back home and that all Catholics will come to understand that communion is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus.

    - Mary S., Cincinnati, OH United States
  • I was raised SDA (Seventh-Day Adventist). The most 180 degrees you can get from being Catholic I think. Why? Because Adventists believe the pope is the anti-christ. How in the world did I become Catholic? Through God's intercession in my life. Went to SDA schools all my life. In high school, I basically told God, I don't know how to get closer to you. I've asked for your help and nothing... I decided to not go to church anymore and do whatever I desired. Few years later I join the military, still going through this phase and I meet my now husband. He enjoyed debating, so he liked discussing religion with me. One day he asked me a very simple question but one that God used to totally open up my mind. I mean open it up to the possiblity of accepting something else as true. I will never forget that feeling. It was like a door opened... I'm glad I'm Catholic, and I praise God he led me to His church!
    - Jennifer G., Patrick AFB, FL United States
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