John Cummings, Cinematographer

John Cummings, Cinematographer

"I think some of my favorite scenes I've shot so far are penitents in Mexico, crawling on their knees to church (sometimes for miles) to pray and atone for their sins. Arriving finally at a Cathedral, faces wracked with pain, they're often bloody and exhausted. It's that moment of pain, faith and forgiveness that for me, tells the true story of Catholicism.

Even for a crusty old cameraman who's seen a lot...I found myself getting a little choked up at such displays of faith."

John Cummings is a 30-year veteran of television production. He is best known for his documentary work, which has earned several Emmy Awards and the prestigious Peabody Award. His work has appeared on NBC, ABC and CBS News, The News Hour on PBS, Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, DIY, Style, Animal Planet and the History Channel.

He also shoots commercials, music videos, corporate and independent film projects.