"I hope you tell everyone you know about it."

  • Fannie

    I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatness.

    9/26/2011 4:32 AM

  • Kelly DeVille

    I want to add to the existing testimonies about the power of this video series. To say each episode is inspiring and faith-empowering is an understatement. I have fallen in love with my Catholic faith more than I could ever have imagined! Thank you, Fr. Barron! You have given us a gift of our faith that will change some lives and greatly enhance the Catholic faith of others. What a powerful blessing you and this Catholicism video are to the people of the Catholic Church!

    2/17/2012 6:36 PM

  • Joanna Bogle

    Just been to a "Catholicism" session at St Patrick's, Soho Square, London. It was magnificent! The only problem was that the room, despite being large, was absolutely packed and got very warm and unomfortable! They actually had to beg people not to bring anyone else along next week, as the crowds are just too large. But a number of new sessions are now being started in other parishes. "Catholicism" is excellent, and will do a great deal of good. Robert Barron has a clear and pleasant voice, there is humour and wisdom and common sense in the message he delivers, and the whole presentation is a glorious visual feast with the magnificence of art and architecture and liturgy combining with scenes of service to the poor and ill, of goodwill among people of different races and backgrounds, of children playing and laughing, and people uniting in praper and pilgrimage. Excellent.

    4/26/2012 6:24 AM

  • Charles A. Fisher

    Our Holy Roman Catholic Church is blessed with every episode of Catholicism! My family schedules our times together so we never miss an episode of this glorious presentation! Thank you Father Robert Barron. You and your co-producers are bringing us the TRUTH of Roman Catholicism. You are blessing our lives so much!

    5/18/2012 12:13 PM

  • Devontae

    I am so happy to see this series cmoing to PBS. I know it will reach a lot more people as some people do not watch Catholic TV station. This is an amazing series not for just the Catholic faithful but it will also give insight to those who otherwise do not know anything about our faith and may in fact bring the Church conversions. Thank you Father for this project. I enjoy all your WOF talks that I have been watching on Catholic TV. God Bless you and all who are part of this project.

    8/28/2012 9:42 AM

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