• "Shook me to the core..." -Mike Leonard, NBC Today Show Correspondent and Executive Producer of CATHOLICISM
  • "This is the most important media project in the history of the Catholic Church in America. A stimulating and compelling exploration of the spiritual, moral, and intellectual riches of the Catholic world. " -George Weigel, Biographer of Blessed John Paul II
  • "CATHOLICISM will have a national footprint. This series will be of great interest to viewers who want a better understanding of the impact and meaning this faith has throughout the world." -Dan Soles, WTTW Senior Vice President and Chief Television Content Officer, PBS affiliate - Chicago
  • "One of Fr. Barron's great gifts is to be able to help the learner see how our own experience of human life fits into what God has graciously revealed to us through his Body, the Church." -Amy Welborn, Author & Columnist
  • About the CATHOLICISM Study Program: "This program gets at the heart of the Catholic faith. Its approach is intellectual but accessible." -Carolyn G., Pilot Program Participant, St. Mary of Vernon
  • "In tying together art and culture, history and literature, beauty and truth, which is the wisdom - the timeless genius that CATHOLICISM is all about - he does it magnificently. And this is just what we need in the Catholic Church today." -Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan Archdiocese of New York
  • "CATHOLICISM is filled with beauty, and Fr. Barron presents the enduring truths in such a clear and compelling way. CATHOLICISM will be a lasting resource for generations to come." -Tom Peterson, Founder and President, Catholics Come Home®
  • "Father Barron is one of the finest theologians in the United States...His Homilies are, in my opinion, the best available on the Internet." -Msgr. M. Francis Manning, Our Sunday Visitor