CATHOLICISM Preview: The Little Flower, The Little Way (from Episode 8 - The Communion of Saints)

  • Ada Colins

    catholicism was well expansiated in your preview story.

    10/10/2011 5:37 AM

  • Anne Urne Thomas

    St. Therese is remarkably saving souls on earth just as she promised and she inspires this writer with marvelous works. I just published Communion of Saints Inspired by St. Therese on her birthday 1/2/2012 by Anne Urne. She is my wonderful patron saint, friend and spiritual guide. Her words to me in my darkest hour were these:
    "Lousy world better love now."
    I will always remember her words and continue to write stories inspired by this great mystical saint.

    4/7/2012 1:14 PM

  • Linda Smith

    I read "The Story of a Soul", and had a mystical experience in the process. I have been giving away copies of her book to girls in my CCD classes for the last few years. I have 7th graders and hope it will inspire them to be the best they can be, and to love God with their whole heart.

    4/20/2012 10:57 PM

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